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 July 19, 2010


Dear Hellenic Community Members, Friends and Supporters,


Greetings, to you and your family from the Hellenic Community Foundation (the “Foundation”).  As most of you are aware, the Foundation was formed in 2009 with the blessing of our community, and since that time the Foundation’s Board of Directors (“Board”), has been working diligently to implement the Foundation’s mission to support the improvement of capital assets in our local communities. Many dedicated members of our community have spent hours working on your behalf and great strides have already been achieved to realize the community’s dream to form a healthy fundraising foundation.  The Foundation is patterned after similar foundations nationwide whose missions are consistent with the improvement and beautification of local Hellenic communities.


The Foundation was formed as the mechanism through which private, corporate, and foundation support is raised and managed for capital projects and programs benefiting the Hellenic community.  The Foundation was not formed to become an owner of Church property or to act as a land developer, nor was the Foundation created to siphon stewardship monies away from the Church or to create policies in conflict with our community and  its’ Parish Council.  The Foundation was created to enhance community facilities and institute programs utilizing fundraising methods otherwise outside the scope of the Church’s time commitments and resources. 


The Foundation’s Board has been establishing policies and procedures utilizing proven best practices for nonprofit foundations as a guide, as well as undertaking the following:

· Strategic planning process creating 1, 5, 10, and 20 year fundraising goals

· Creating an Estate Gifting Plan

· Creating a Capital fundraising plan for Prophet Elias and Holy Trinity

· Creating long term sustainability through an Endowment Fund

· Establishing “traditions” and institutionalizing procedures such as transparent meetings, policies, accounting, etc. as required by the Internal Revenue Service and as promised by our commitment to excellence


             In addition to the policies and procedures, the Foundation Board has also done the following:

· The Foundation has reached out and has attended multiple Parish Council meetings to give updates on the Foundation’s progress and to make sure there is no duplication of efforts supporting the community.  Parish priests and Parish Council members have been invited and have attended Foundation Board Meetings.

· The Foundation has been working with community members to form a fundraising committee with an initial focus on dome reconstruction at Prophet Elias.

· The Foundation has met with the long range planning committee of the Hellenic Orthodox Heritage Campaign Committee (“Heritage Campaign”) that was authorized by the Parish General Assembly for master-planning the redevelopment of the Holy Trinity Campus.  This is an exciting re-initiation of a program that has been in hiatus for nearly four years.  As in the past, the Church’s already organized Heritage Campaign planning subcommittees and church building committee, will be responsible for all master planning, architectural input and the hiring of building contractors.  This includes the implementation and construction of any capital assets on Church owned property.

· The Church will have complete control and discretion in hiring professionals such as architects and contractors and will bear the responsibility for payment of any capital improvements after the Church has received the capital improvement funds from the Foundation.

· The Foundation has taken stewardship of a large donation dedicated for the construction of a gymnasium facility at Holy Trinity.  In the six months since the donation has been in Foundation stewardship, the Foundation has been able to increase the fund from its initial contribution of $807,000 to nearly $970,000!  The Foundation is committed to completely honoring the wishes of the donor to accomplish this most worthy goal, and has sent a letter to the Parish Council stating its spirit of cooperation for the improvement and beautification of the gymnasium facility.

             (See full letter at )


As we move forward with our capital fundraising initiatives, we trust that all of us remember the Foundation mission is intended to enhance Church stewardship. Our personal commitment to support other needs at our churches does not diminish with support provided to the Foundation.


To learn more about the Hellenic Community Foundation, including some common Questions and Answers, visit our web site at


We appreciate your help and encouragement in the past, and look forward to your continued future support in making the Hellenic Community Foundation a great success!


With best regards,

Douglas K. Anderson, President

HCF Board of Directors

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